2021 Dental Fee Guide Increases

This year’s dental fee guide increases have been announced. While all dental plans don’t always use the current year’s fees as their default, I think it’s fair to say that it is a required criterion for any dental plan to be qualified as at least “good.” Here are the increases by province for 2021.

Alberta 0%January 1, 2021
British Columbia 3.96%February 2, 2021
Manitoba 4.19%January 1, 2021
Newfoundland and Labrador 5%January 1, 2021
Northwest Territories/Nunavut 3%January 1, 2021
Nova Scotia 3.39%January 1, 2021
Ontario 4.60%January 1, 2021
Prince Edward Island 2.61%January 1, 2021
Quebec 4.20%January 1, 2021
Saskatchewan 3.23%January 1, 2021
*New Brunswick/Yukon: not available yet

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