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Helping Lawyers, Accountants, Owners of Professional Corporations & Small Business Owners Avoid Financial Regrets
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"(Naoshad is) A true consultative coach and advisor."
Ray Digby
Managing Director, AmCan Financial
"Naoshad is a genius. If you work with him you will learn a lot."
Elias Aski
Chartered Life Underwriter​
"I trust him."
Poroshad Mahdi
Partner - Mahdi-Leite Family Law LLP

Who We Are And Who We Help

Amiko Benefits Inc. specializes in helping successful lawyers in private practice in Ontario keep more of every billable dollar they earn. We also have expertise in helping owners of other professional corporations and small & medium businesses. (See our other specialized programs here). We also have a love for man’s best friend and spend a lot of time discussing people’s pets and putting out our Friends of Amiko calendar featuring dogs belonging to clients, staff, associates, friends and other people who we like.

With a core team of advisors plus a network of affiliated accounting, legal, investment and financial professionals we bring over a hundred years of diverse and relevant experience allowing us to provide unique, specialized, customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

“Amiko” is Esperanto for “friend” and since our founding a focus on relationships and understanding the needs, wants & desires of our clients has been at the core of everything we do. This focus on relationships, along with our relentless curiosity, has led to us brining together a truly exceptional team of highly skilled, experienced and caring advisors who are dedicated to providing the best financial solutions and services to our clients. Our network of professionals we collaborate with provide a range of financial specialties, from investment management and retirement planning to estate planning and insurance. They include tax specialists, attorneys, accountants and others together with whom we are able to provide a truly comprehensive and integrated approach to our clients’ financial planning needs.

Amiko Benefits have curated the best ideas, concepts and tools from both the financial and other industries and used them to develop processes that allows us to help clients make better decisions that they are more comfortable with. These range from our financial independence questionnaire and goal setting tool to calculators for how much corporation owners can safe by making their RRSP fees a tax deductible corporate expense.

For clients who qualify we have our inner circle program where you will work directly with Naoshad with a focus on reducing your stress, increasing your economic resilience and security, saving taxes and improving your quality of life.

This is Sasha, she keeps her one eye on us to make sure stuff gets done

Who is Naoshad Pochkhanawala?

Amiko was founded by Naoshad Pochkhanawala who has worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years accumulating skills and expertise in a variety of areas. In his 3rd month in financial services, at the tender age of 22, an old and experienced broker told Naoshad how he, the broker, had 40 years of experience in the business, rather than having one year of experience 40 times. Naoshad took this to heart and in his career he has been lucky enough to work and specialize in different areas at various times, participating, learning, creating and accumulating experiences few others in the industry have. You can read about some of Naoshad’s experience below.

Once referred to by a client as, ‘The no BS advisor’ Naoshad is known for his strong advocacy of his clients and speaking out about industry practises that don’t benefit consumers. Amiko reflects this fierce independence and the agency has contracts with over 20 different life, accident and sickness insurance companies while the deposit broker section of the business provides products from over 25 different banks and credit unions.

Naoshad Pochkhanawala is a Chartered Life Underwriter, financial & estate planner and considered an expert in various areas where life insurance, financial planning & tax legislation intersect in Ontario. He has prepared and conducted training seminars for members of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Toronto, the Ontario Association of Family Mediators, the Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals (previously the Ontario Collaborative Law Federation), industry groups and for life insurance companies themselves. He has also presented financial education and financial planning seminars to the executives & staff at the head offices of Canadian Tire, Toromont & Sears among others.

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