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What People Say About Naoshad

"(Naoshad is) A true consultative coach and advisor."​​
Ray Digby
Managing Director, AmCan Financial
"This young man (Naoshad) is the future of Canada and people with his courage and ethics are the hope for the future."​
Gary Ellis
Program Head - Justice Studies at University of Guelph-Humber, Superintendent (retired) Toronto Police Services​
Naoshad is a genius. If you work with him you will learn a lot.​
Elias Aski
Chartered Life Underwriter​
Amiko Benefits Inc. Logo

Naoshad P. Short Bio

Naoshad Pochkhanawala is a Chartered Life Underwriter and financial planner based in Ontario, Canada. He is considered an expert in the areas intersecting life insurance, financial planning, pension and tax legislation. Naoshad has also worked as a professional stage hypnotist and is particularly interested the psychological and behavioral aspects of financial planning.

Amiko Benefits Inc. Mission Statement

Our fundamental purpose is to help clients effectively minimize the financial risk of getting sick or injured, dying too soon, living too long and market volatility. Our secondary purpose is to save those clients an insane amount of tax. Of equal importance, we reduce the stress and anxiety our clients feel about money and finance by customizing financial strategies to align with our clients’ personalities.

There is more than one way to skin a cat but why would you want to skin a cat? Without determining the true motivation for an action you cannot determine the probability of it's success or failure.

Amiko Benefits Inc. Philosophy

Amiko means friend. It comes from Esp`eranto, an idealistic experiment to create a world where people can communicate clearly and effectively with each other without tribal distinctions or preferences. 

Amiko Benefit Inc. Financial Planning Philosophy

  1. Good financial planning requires systems and processes that are customized to the personalities of individual clients.
  2. Financial planning and estate planning are exercises in risk management.
  3. Customization to a client’s personality means recognizing and implementing methodologies for dealing with cognitive dissonance and biases, not avoiding them.
  4. The primary goal of financial planning is to establish economic resilience, to protect one’s lifestyle and the lifestyles of those you care about.
  5. Everything is contextual – financial and investment decisions aren’t made in a vacuum.

Who are Amiko Benefits Inc. Clients?

Currently Naoshad Pochkhanawala works primarily with a select group of lawyers helping them keep more of every dollar they bill. Whether it is guidance on when it is the best time to set up their professional corporation, to providing health & dental benefits to firms to making the investment fees on their retirement funds tax deductible – we provide unique plans customized to each individuals personality and goals.

Along with Naoshad, a team of agents provide life insurance, estate and financial planning services in the following areas:,

Estate, Trust and Legacy planning for those with businesses, rental properties or substantial assets.

Amiko has also created and delivers plans customized for those getting divorced who require coverage. (We are proud to have provided the life insurance training session at this year’s Peacemaker Conference for the OAFM and the OACP). We are proud to be the exclusive provider  many family law lawyers and mediators recommend to their clients.

Condominium Corporation fund allocation and guaranteed investment  management.

Naoshad P. Medium Bio

Naoshad Pochkhanawala is a Chartered Life Underwriter and considered by many to be an expert in various areas where life insurance, financial planning, and tax legislation intersect in Ontario. He has prepared and conducted training seminars for members of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Toronto, the Ontario Association of Family Mediators, the Ontario Association of Collaborative Professionals (previously the Ontario Collaborative Law Federation), industry groups and for life insurance companies themselves. He has also presented financial education and financial planning seminars to the executives and staff at the head offices of Canadian Tire, Toromont and Sears among others. Along with some of the most knowledgeable and innovative yet conservative professionals in the industry Amiko Benefits Inc provides a ‘WOW’ experience.

Naoshad is also a skilled hypnotist having performed stage shows professionally, worked with numerous people curing phobias and as a volunteer to teach pain reduction and elimination techniques to patients undergoing chemotherapy. He is happy to use any excuse to talk about perceptions, bias, psychology, hypnosis, marketing and the factors that affect human behavior.

Some Past Speaking & Training Engagements

Here are some of the organizations that Naoshad has either provided training to, spoken at their meetings or spoken on their behalf to other organizations:

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